Subwoofer flop

  • 27 June 2016
  • 3 replies

Just bought sub woofer to match sound bar

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3 replies

It also makes a significant difference if you feed the sound bar a Dolby Digital signal, rather than just a stereo signal. My SUB does well with Stereo, it really shines when watching a movie.

As OP I’m fairly new to Sonos but literally just added sub to my playbar and P1 surrounds. Wow it really enhance the performance of those and thumps the base. Very pleased now it’s been trueplayed and tinkered with! LOVE IT

What's the question? I just added the SUB to my sound bar, and found it a bit lack luster. I grabbed the 2 x PLAY1's I had in other room for rear surrounds and it is night and day difference. IMO after adding the SUB, you really need to add 2 x PLAY1's to make it proper surround and fill the room.