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  • 18 February 2023
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Hi All

I have a weird issue that has just started, I have three Sonos items, Sonos SL in my office and bedroom, then a sonos port connected to a multiroom system.

The three are setup on the app as separate rooms, i could play music through Sonos Radio or Spotify to any individual room, now the issue i have is if i slect the port on its own i get a cannot connect or cannot add to queue error dependant on if it is radio or spotify.

If i select either of the other two SL speakers they work fine, I can then add port as an additional source and it also plays….

I power cycled the three speakers, Sonos would not then play on anything, I reset my router, uninstalled the apps on my phone, reinstalled the apps still the same.

Factory reset the SL speakers and I am now back to the speakers working fine but the port still not working standalone, the port will also not factory reset….i get a flashing amber/ white but not green, it returns to white, I have also disabled the wifi and hardwired the port and it made no difference.


Any ideas before i dip the thing in petrol and set fire to it?


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Hello @Vinders and welcome to Sonos Community!

You had the right idea wiring the Sonos Port directly to your Router, not sure why you would disable the Wi-Fi on it though.

If possible, do not have the Sonos Port really close to your router, anything above 30 centimeters (11.5 Inches) should be fine but that varies.

If you enable the Wi-Fi back on the Sonos Port, while hardwired, it will emit a new private network called SonosNet and your two Sonos One SL should automatically connect to that network.

Please refrain from any further factory resets and I hope you didn’t go forward with the petrol idea. 🙂

At this point I would suggest you to Submit Diagnostics and reach out to our Sonos Support for some live troubleshooting, as they have more tools at their disposal.