Recommendations on a Digital Optical Audio Splitter SPDIF

  • 11 February 2017
  • 4 replies

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I have only 1 digital out on my Sony TV, I use a fiber optic cable to connect with soundbar. I've purchased a Sennheiser RS195 wireless headphone set up. It has a optical input too. Since only output on TV, I guees I need a splitter 1 inpu, 2 output
I also understand with using a splitter either my sound bar must be off or RS195 off. Any way around that?
Any recommendations?

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4 replies

Hi. First, don't buy a fiber optic splitter - it's digital optical.

It looks like you could use a 3.5mm cable from the headphone socket, but the digital would probably give better sound.

I would expect a splitter to play both streams not one. You could just mute one if you only wanted the other.

I don't know of a particular one I could recommend.
You can probably get away with a cheap passive TOSLINK splitter. The light intensity will obviously be halved, but over a short cable run I doubt it would be an issue.

Both receiving devices (PLAYBAR, headphones) can be on simultaneously. Neither knows about the other. TOSLINK is uni-directional.

(Where people have attempted to use a passive splitter in reverse, as a combiner, it won't work unless one or other source is switched off. In such a situation one should use a switch.)
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The reason I'm asking is that my hearing is going rapidly downhill, typically I'd have my TV volume turned up to '98' out of 100 for example, so I can hear it. Fine for me but terrible for anyone else. Both the soundbar & RS195 use an optical connection, so I'd be using both at the same time. Headphones for me, soundbar for everyone else.
I think it'll most probably work fine with a passive splitter. I take it that the TV doesn't offer a Bluetooth connection for headphones?