Range on Sonos BOOST

  • 15 November 2016
  • 4 replies

I coudn't find it anywhere so I was hoping someone knew about it.

What is the range on the BOOST device?

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4 replies

Hi. You can't find it because it is so dependent on conditions, thickness and construction of walls etc. Perhaps the key point is that once you wire any Sonos component to your router you trigger Sonos' own mesh networking, so that each Sonos component in your system become a potential repeater. This is one of the great strengths of Sonos' networking technology.
If minimal number of walls (1 or 2), what could it be?

I haven't bought the BOOST yet, so I can't really check it myself.

But thx for the reply 🙂
SonosNet 2.0 is based on Wireless N underpinnings so has similar range, for a single hop. As John says it's also a mesh so in practice is self-extending, up to several times the N range.
Hello RaymanFan97. As mentioned previously, the range of various Sonos components depends greatly on the environment. In general, 30-60 feet between units seems to work well, though I've seen longer distances in excellent conditions.

If you own more than one Sonos player, you can get an idea of the range by plugging one player into the router. This will create a Sonos network as if you were using a BOOST. You can then move a second player around to check the range.