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  • 27 November 2016
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I am building a three story home and would like in ceiling speakers in the following areas:
Basement: Living room, bedroom #4, Bedroom #5
First Floor: (Living Room & Kitchen) , outside deck, and garage
Second Floor: Master bedroom, Bedroom #3 and Bedroom #2
The goal is that each of these rooms could be playing different music controlled by an individual.
I am thinking of Klipsch speakers.

My questions:
1) Do each of the klipsch speakers need speaker wire ran to connect Amp?
2) How many connnect amps will I need?
3) Why would I need wall mounted audio controls installed? I've seen this recommended.
4) are the speakers connected to the cat5 cables?
5) If I have multiple connect amps, can i still control them from one app for the entire house?
6) I believe I run the speaker wires to the connect amp, and then ethernet cable from connect amp to the cable modem.

Any help I can get, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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6 replies

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Ethernet from modem to location of amps. Speaker wire from amp to speaker location.

What model kilsch speakers. Normally you can hook up to 4 to a single connect:amp. 2 left 2 right.

You do. It need volume control switches on walls. All handled via app.

All controlled via app.
Chris, Thanks.

The Klipsch speakers I was thinking for inside are R-1650-C's... Thoughts?

Would four work for each amp?
Can i have these amps any where in my house? Since they are controlled by an App? Or would you need to get to them from time to time?
I am not a fan of having them out on counters.
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The amps would require very little access once installed. They can be controlled 100% from the app. Putting them out of the way is fine; the biggest thing to consider is the length of the speaker wire runs. You should consider heavier gauge speaker wire the long the run. Or just get a big spool of 12AWG to use for everything and be done with it, since the wire is cheap these days.

Putting them out of the way should also make it easier to run Ethernet to all of them, which will give you a more reliable feed.
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Yes on those speakers 4 per amp. 2 left channel 2 right channel
Thanks CAW and Chris:
I think I know the answer to this question, but I am going to ask.
If one Amp can handle 4 speakers - 2 channels. I am assuming that if I wanted to split the speakers between rooms, example,channel 1, put Left in Bedroom 3 and Right of Channel 1 in Bedroom 2, that they would both have to listen to the same music.

I must say, you guys have been very helpful.
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Yes, split like that, they would play the same music. Also note that Sonos still hasn't implemented the much requested option for a CONNECT / CONNECT:AMP to convert the audio to mono, which you would really need if you were trying to support multiple rooms split that way on a single amp.