Multi-room Audio Recommendation - Sonos Amp?

  • 9 December 2022
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I recently moved into an home that has wiring and in ceiling speakers for a multi room audio system. I’d like to be able to stream music to these speakers without going to the cabinet to turn on a receiver, etc. I was thinking a Sonos Amp looked like a good option, but I'm far from a home audio expert so i’m hoping to get recommendations from those that know. Below are the existing components the home has, would a Sonos amp have enough power to play music on both the main floor and the basement speakers? My fear is buying a Sonos amp which isnt cheap and then finding out it doesnt have the necessary power - then I’m stuck. Any help is appreciated!

2 - Sonance VP60R speakers - Main Floor
1 - 100 Watt Slider Volume Control, Impedance Matching - Main Floor

2 - Sonance VP60R speakers - Basement
1 - 100 Watt Slider Volume Control, Impedance Matching - Basement

Wired back to a mechanical room where there is a Episode EA-MR-HUB-1x8 distribution hub.


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1 reply

Those Sonance speakers are sometimes sold as a package with the Sonos Amp, just as an example see this link:

So it wouldn’t surprise me if the previous owner was using a Sonos Amp before too.

Anyhow, you should be fine here and the Amp will actually drive both pairs of 8ohm speakers anyway and you can just wire it to the 1 (input) to 8 (zones) distribution Hub and volume control switches mentioned, which (as stated) are impedance matching anyway, to play the Amp audio to either one, or both of your rooms.

Heres the Episode Hub manual I found online, but it’s fairly straightforward anyway, that’s if it’s cabled already to your switches etc.