longer Play 3 power cords

  • 21 November 2016
  • 5 replies

I need longer power cords for two Play 3's in white. I can find 3' extensions to existing cords but I'd prefer not to go that route. I can find black power cords but white for some reason seems elusive. Any thoughts on where I can find them?

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5 replies

Sonos sells power cords as well, but I don't think they handle longer versions, just replacements for what you get when you purchase the speakers. I've had good luck with the extensions from Flexson, which are slightly more attractive than just an extension cord, although not a whole bunch. Here in the US, I get them through Amazon. Here's the link to the 3 meter version, but I'm sure they sell a 1 meter version as well:

And for shorter runs, I use them to cut and attach my own plugs to, so that I've got the correct fit to the speaker, and the correct length to the wall plug.
Thanks for that. Just double checking...does it matter which wire goes on which side of the plug? Cuz, I found this whihc I think would work and one could cut to the exact length needed. and it's cheap!
It doesn't matter in practice, since the figure-8 connector is not polarised. However depending on country conventions you ought to stick to the normal plug wiring which, at least on this side of the pond, is blue/neutral and brown/line.
Awesome, thanks!
Just a follow up.... this cord: together with this plug
worked perfectly as a longer white cord and plug for a Play 3 for under $10. Just cut the cord to length and attach the plug.