CONNECT to router: WIFII or cable?

  • 4 April 2017
  • 1 reply

I currently have a CONNECT and 2 speakers pairs in my house ... one pair Play1s .... one pair Play5s.
I have the CONNECT placed next to my router so I can have a cable connection for best performance.
It all works fine but I wanted to change things.

I want to move my connect into another room where I have a receiver/CD so I can connect that as a source into the Line-In on the CONNECT. Doing so means my CONNECT will now make a WIFII connection to the router .. no longer a cable connection. The house is small and WIFGII reception is good through the house.

Will I see any performance hit? Is this not recommended?

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1 reply

Just try it. While the CONNECT is wired, go to Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup and enter your WiFi details. Unwire the CONNECT, wait a couple of minutes then the system will flip over to WiFi operation.

Hitherto your PLAY units will have been connecting to the CONNECT adjoining the router, so WiFi connections will have a similar geometry. If you have good WiFi coverage and there's no excessive demand on WiFi bandwidth Sonos should work.