Connect:Amp blinking amber and white light after power surge

  • 25 July 2017
  • 1 reply

Recently experienced a close lightening strike and connect:amp connected to outdoor pool speaker is now blinking alternate amber and white lights. System recognizes amp but can't play music. Help!?

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1 reply

Hi anderje2 , Welcome to the community!

Could you submit a Diagnostic and make a note of the number. Then if you disconnect the speakers from the amp and power it off for 20 mins, power it back on do you get a solid white light? leave the speakers disconnected and set something playing to it for 10 mins or so, do you get any strange light behavior?

Then submit another Diagnostic and reply with both numbers and let us know if it appeared to be behaving itself without the speakers connected. The connect amp will protect itself by shutting down the amplifer when it detects an issue, most of the time it would be caused by an issue with the speaker wiring and or speakers themselves.

The Diagnostic should give us an indication, do let us know, many thanks