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  • 24 February 2023
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I have bought the Connect:Amp a few years back and, after a short lived connection success, I have not been able to connect anymore despite numerous factory resets of the Connect:Amp, and re-installs of the IOS App.

Any clue? Can the Connect:Amp be connected only via mobile phone? Is there any alternative, independent controller that can be shared by the family?

Thank you.


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5 replies

Setup of all Sonos devices does require a mobile device. Sonos has pulled all of that functionality out of the desktop controllers, which are now mostly on maintenance mode.

However, once set up, you can certainly use a desktop controller for music playing, something I do almost daily.

It sounds like you may need to call Sonos Support directly to discuss the issues you’re experiencing. 

Thank you for reply!

  1. sorry for the daft question, what is a “desktop controller”? is there a Sonos one? or shall I use a third party? which make eventually?
  2. can the Connect:Amp be controlled by two mobile phones, (my wife and I) with different playlists? Or we can only choose one?

Thank you!

Sonos makes a desktop controller for both Mac and PC, you can find them here:

note that this is the US link, but you can Google ‘Sonos downloads’ and get the version specific to your country. 

Yes, Sonos allows different controllers to connect to their devices. You and your spouse can set up different playlists, either within Sonos using a Sonos playlist, or within the streaming companies interface, as indicated here: multiple accounts per service FAQ

I bought the speaker ON SL and would like to connect it to my laptop, I bought the cables, but I don't know how to install them, and it’s the cable that goes behind the speaker to the USB terminal of the laptop and it doesn't work

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