Beatport as a music service on Sonos?

  • 21 April 2014
  • 8 replies

Sonos & Beatport

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8 replies

You'd need to check with Beatport.
Any news on progress of this?
It's not going to happen unless you go and ask beatport to add themselves to Sonos, that's how it works.
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hoping this happens soon
Beatport streaming service on Sonos would be great!
Beatport on Sonos would be f*ing awesome!!
I would love to see Beatport streaming added to the Sonos system! - Pete
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Beatport isn't currently a music service available on Sonos. We make our Sonos Music API for services available for anyone who wants to add a service to Sonos. For any new services you'd like to see added on Sonos you can suggest they take a look at that page.  

Until it's added, you can connect a computer or other device that can play that service to the Line-In on a Sonos Component (PLAY:5, CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP) and stream it through that connection to your system. 

I'll set this thread as an Idea thread for you so the community can add support for this service as well.