Amp with 4 speakers, using wall plate as a switch

  • 3 February 2022
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Hello, I’m quite new and don’t know much about speakers and matching impedances and whatnot.

Just purchased a Sonos amp, 2 Kefs Ci200qs, and plan to buy a pair of 8ohms outdoor speakers as well.

My idea/question is as follow:

Can I connect the 4 speakers to 4 speaker wall plate, and, using banana plugs from the wire that comes from the AMP disconnect the pair I do not want to use at the time? I wouldn’t change the wiring on the back of the Amp, that would stay in parallel, but just disconnect from the wall plate when I just want 1 single pair to play? Would that work? When 1 pair disconnected will the impedance go back to 8ohms?

Thank you for the help!


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1 reply

Yes, this will work, but I suspect that it could become an unwelcome task after a while.

Here is another approach that will allow the operator to select one or both areas and adjust the relative Volume in each area. Placing the controls near the area covered by the speakers allows easy adjustment.