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Which NAS do you use?

UPDATE JANUARY 2012: This thread is quite old and contains potentially inaccurate and outdated information. If you are curious what users are currently using, please check out the new thread - http:/...

Can I conect two Sonos Play 1's to my Samsung Smart TV for normal sound

I want to use the Play1's as the audio for the tv, do I need to purchase the connect unit or is there another way?

Sonos with In Ceiling Speakers

I have been reading about and interested in a Sonos system for quite some time, but never made the leap. I easily see the benefits of the Sonos system when connected to either a stereo or powered spea...

Panasonic TV internal speaker mute

Hi all, So the new Playbar arrived and yes it does live up to the reputation, however I'm having a real problem disabling the TV's internal speakers it's a Panasonic TX-L55WT50 and I simply can't fin...

SONOS ALEXA Integration?

Been waiting to hear news about when this will happen and am starting to think it never will. I have Sonos and Alexa in every room. I did this with the assurance that Sonos and Alexa are going to work...

1 Play5 vs pair of Play 1s

I have Play 5s in several bedrooms. I was thinking about adding a Play1 for two bathrooms. As I've read about pairing Play 1s for stereo playback, I'm wondering if anyone has a view about whether the...

Connect play 1 to smart TV

Dear Sonos, I have bought 2x play 1 for in the living room. I want connect the speakers to my Samsung smart tv, is this possible? As I just graduated I am obviously not going to spend a lot of mone...

Advice on Playbar placement - can it go above TV?

Hi guys I've bought a Playbar to go with our TV. The TV is currently on its stand which takes up most of the space on the TV cabinet, so no room for the Playbar. My two options are leaving the TV o...

Will Sonos work with google home?

I am thinking about purchasing the new Google home voice recognition product, I understand that Sonos will work with Amazons echo in the near future. Does Sonos have any information regarding google h...

Play:3 vs S5

Has anyone posted a comparison of the 2 portable devices. I understand that the S5 will be louder, but how much. Any other noteworthy details from Play:3 owners?

Connecting other speakers to SONOS system

Hello, is it possible to connect other speakers to the SONOS system? For example have SONOS, at the kitchen wall, and connect speakers that would be used for outdoors. Thanks!

New LG TV's and 5.1 pass through

I know this is a recurrent topic, but I actually believe it would be very helpful if Sonos address this issue in a concise webpage with continuous updates. Right now the whole forum is full of questio...

Need Outdoor Speakers

I know there has been a lot of request's for outdoor Sonos systems. I enjoy your product throughout my house and do not feel like getting below quality third party outdoor speakers and a connect or am...

Big difference between Play:1 and Play:3

Hello all, I am thinking about buying a Sonos Play:1. Now I just I would order one and start listening....but they're sold out everywhere (in Holland that is). So now I am reading countless reviews...

Sonos vs. Bluesound

Today, bluesound was announced. The products of bluesound are i.m.h.o quite similar to Sonos products. This thread is meant for sharing advantages/disadvantages.

Wireless Outdoor Speaker Q

I am looking to extend my Sonos setup to my back patio by adding some outdoor speakers. I have some limitations as i cant run wires through the exterior walls (condo community, blah blah) so i need t...

Sonos announces new ZP S5. (Boombox)

http://www.sonos.com/landing/generic/default_updated.aspx?acbid=6548&mcbid=6572&dcbid=6604&rcfcid=104&bcbid=6590&rdr=true&LangType=1033 The link says it all really, it looks kinda like a boombox with...

How do I connect Play:5s to the TV? And Will Quality be compromised?

Hello! I'm not really interested in buying a playbar because my primary objective is to play music in my living room via my mobile devices, etc. However, since my TV is also in my living room, I thi...

Outdoor Speaker wire and installation Tips?

I am planning on using a ZP-100 to power 2 speakers for a patio / pool area. I will house the ZP in the basement but use outdoor speakers attached to a deck. Is there such thing as outdoor speaker wir...

Why Can't I listen to my music through my Computer?

My only disappointment with the Sonos system is a big one: why can't I listen to the music playing on the Sonos system through my computer? is there a way to do this???

Sonos vs Cisco

By now everyone has probably heard of Cisco's announcement of a wireless music system that will compete with Sonos. It was already shown at C-Scape, Cisco's confab. Apparently it also has a wireless c...

Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers

I want to make two irrefutable statements of fact: 1) Sonos is the best wireless speaker system in the world with a very intuitive app that makes wireless audio amazingly simple. 2) Sonos management...

Is it possible to connect iPhone using Bluetooth to sonos play 1

I would like to know if it is possible to connect direct with Bluetooth iPhone to Sonos play 1

Airplay 2 on Sonos

Can anyone confirm whether you will need a Sonos One or a Sonos Play 1 to be able to play content from Apple products using Airplay? I know that Playbase and Play 5 will support it, but don’t have eit...

Bathroom Speakers?

Hi all, I've have recently Started my Sonos setup with a bridge and a play 5 in my kitchen and now want to expand to my bathroom. Wondering what people normally do in a bathroom? Ceiling speakers? Pl...


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