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Need Outdoor Speakers

I know there has been a lot of request's for outdoor Sonos systems. I enjoy your product throughout my house and do not feel like getting below quality third party outdoor speakers and a connect or am...

Has anyone got an official answer from SONOS about AMAZON ECHO Integration?

I see there are 92 articles on Amazon Echo here in the SONOS community. Has anyone from SONOS responded? Does SONOS have any intent to support Amazon Echo integration? I can't imagine anyone not wan...

SONOS ALEXA Integration?

Been waiting to hear news about when this will happen and am starting to think it never will. I have Sonos and Alexa in every room. I did this with the assurance that Sonos and Alexa are going to work...

Feature Request: Group rooms with alarm

It would be great to see alarms play on pre-grouped rooms, but not using the "Include in grouped rooms" setting as I am likely to change grouping throughout the day, and so when the alarm goes off it...

Siri Voice Control

Please allow Siri to control Sonos for iPhone/iPad devices.

Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?


Will sonos be partnering with HomeKit like they have done with amazon???????????

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

The minimum volume on a Play 1 for instance (volume level 1) is too loud to let the music play as background. It's "no music" or "too loud music" on volume level 1 Nothing in between. Ideally I could...

Add a headphone line-out jack to the PLAY:1

We've received a feature request for a headphone line-out jack to be added to the PLAY:1, similar to the PLAY:5. This would allow headphones (or other devices connected via 3.5mm mini stereo) to outpu...

Why don't Sonos offer a repair service?

Sonos are no longer a young start up, that has not had time to think about repair. Sonos, like all electronic products, occasionally one goes wrong. Your products are expensive to buy, and you could...

Full stereo option when watching TV audio ... please?

Ya know how we have the option for full stereo or ambient when listening to music in a full 5.1 sonos stet-up?  Can we get that with TV output as well, please?  There is still plenty of...


When will SONOS introduce outdoor speakers?

System skips songs during playback

My system keeps skipping to the next song before the end of the current song. It plays a song from a playlist or queue for about 30 seconds and then just skips. I have a Play 1 and Bridge. Please h...

"Permanently" Grouping Speakers that are Always Used Together (Beyond LR Pairs...)

I'm new to the Sonos world - having waited for Google Play integration (thanks!) - and am generally very impressed, as it's a joy to use such well designed products. However, I've been surprised that...

Thanks for completely breaking £2000 worth of Sonos gear

Latest update has completely broken our setup and we are VERY ANGRY. The latest update has completely shafted our perfectly working setup around the flat. We have 2 play 5's in a stereo pair in the f...

New portable travel SONOS Speaker with Bluetooth for stand-alone usage & WiFi for use at home with your SONOS system

Would you please create a portable travel speaker (like the cool new Bose Soundlink Mini or Jambox or Beats Pill) with Bluetooth and also links with your WiFi setup at home? I only use a travel speake...

Why won't Sonos allow wireless audio streaming for movies from Mac/PC?

This has been a long requested feature for years. Why limit the listening experience to music only? I love the sound when pairing two Play Ones. I wanted to keep them, but the fact I couldn't also st...

outdoor speaker

c'mon sonos - please let us know when the outdoor speaker will be available. it would be an industry leader and i am holding off, as well as many others, until it's release. thanks guys and keep up...

Add more equalization options!

Would like to tailor sound to room and content. Current bass and treble adjustments aren't sufficient.

PLAY:1 Line In

A Sonos user would like to have a line in at the back of the PLAY:1. What do you think about it?

Homekit Integration

Is SONOS planning Homekit Integration?

AirPlay 2 when?

So iOS 11.4 is now released to the public. When can we expect it on the Sonos line?

Reduce idle consumption energy level (currently around 5W)

Sonos devices on average consume about 5 watts each if idle. Having 5 sonos devices around this means 25 watts on average idle consumption. Over a year this is about (25x24hx365) 219 kwh. In Germany...

Smaller Sub

Any plans to produce a smaller, less expensive sub for use with Beam in a bedroom configuration?

Allow to group the volume control to the hardware buttons on the Sonos unit!

I have a Play1 on my counter in the master bath and now added and complimented with in ceiling speakers and grouped with a Connect Amp located in the closet. I want to group the volume control on the...


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