YouTube through Line-In and Cut Outs

  • 1 December 2016
  • 3 replies

I really hope one day Sonos will add YouTube for audio only as an added service. But the issue that I am having is by using my Line-In I get periodic cut outs / silence when music is playing. I have switched speakers for the line-in with the same results. I have also switched the channel to all three but again the same results. I have also tried using a PC, Tablet and Phone with the same issues. Does anyone have any thoughts or similar issues using the Line-In and cut outs?

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3 replies

Also, this only happens when I am using the Line-In and not when I am using any streaming services thru Sonos software.
Just found this thread and working with the suggestions and will update with what works for me -
The previous post and trial and error and I have fixed it with the communities suggestions. Here is what I did:

No cut outs and been listening for a while now.
Switched to SonosNet Channel #11 - In Settings, Room Settings, select the speaker for your Line-In
Line-In Source Level #10 - In Settings, Advanced and in General tab.