Would love outdoor speakers and play.5

  • 7 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I love music as I guess pretty much everyone here does. I have been moving my play1 in and out of the house every time we have a party and would love it if Sonos came out with a play1 size speaker that would be suitable for the outdoors. I know I can buy other speakers and plug into an connect:amp, but it'd be much easier to just screw in a couple speakers to the eves.

Also would love a smaller speaker then a play1. Maybe like a play.5, something small that you just need light background music. Even if it was portable with a battery would be awesome!!

Hope y'all actually read these cause I'm sure others would agree with me. Thanks for building such and awesome product!!

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1 reply

There are a couple of issues with outdoor speakers - any installed outdoor speaker with a built in amp would still need mains power sockets and those aren't easily installed such that they can be safely exposed to the weather. And of course, Sonos would have to build the speakers into weatherproof enclosures.

And with installing the plentifully available excellent external passive speakers that can be driven by a Sonos amp just a one time effort, there probably isn't a market large enough to be of interest to Sonos.