Wireless management and BOOST mode ?

  • 18 December 2017
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I am not clear about BOOST mode.
I have two SONOS One and one SONOS CONNECT.
The SONOS CONNECT is connected with the Ethernet cable.
The two SONOS One are wirelessly connected only.
If I turn off the Wireless of my AP, the two SONOS One's continue to work, even if I haven't enabled BOOST mode.
I would like to have clearer control of the Wireless network, also because I would like to sleep at night without Wireless. I know people do not care about this, but I prefer to sleep with a limited amount of electromagnetic radiation.
Even if you connect SONOS One with the Ethernet cable, it emits radio arrows..

How to control them?
Thank you for a clarification.


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4 replies

When in Boost setup, your Sonos devices are on their own wireless network and connect to the internet via the wired Connect. You could change it to standard setup, but that is a less reliable way of doing things and is far more susceptible to wireless interference. If your fear of non-ionizing EM is that great, here is how to change from Boost to Standard (and vice versa) setup:
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reality is not really like that:
To switch off BOOST mode you have to disconnect the Ethernet cable.
When you connect Ethernet it switch again to BOOST.
So if I connect all my devices on ethernet, are anyway emetting some frequency!
I have an Electrosmog meter to test this!
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The wireless radios in all the Sonos devices are on whether you’re in Boost or Standard modes, whether wired or not. There are unsupported ways of disabling the radios, if you run an all-wired configuration. You’ll have to Google for the details.
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Ok, this seams to be interesting.
I will try soon.
Many tnks