Windows 10 - Bluetooth mode sound only from chrome

  • 6 May 2022
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My Sonos Move is connected to my windows 10 laptop using bluetooth. Everything works fine, I can play movies with VLC and hear sounds, listen to music etc. UNTIL I launch my browser (chrome but same problem with edge).

For example if i launch a video on youtube, while the video is playing I have all the sounds of my computer with the sonos move, but if I pause the video, I won’t hear any other sounds coming from my computer. That means that if I’m watching something with VLC and i pause a youtube video, i have to close my browser, disconnect and reconnect the sonos move via bluetooth to the laptop to be able to hear the sounds from VLC again.

I think it can be due to some controls done in youtube or netflix websites, but i’m not sure how to fix it. Any ideas ?




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After some researches, I concluded that it’s not possible to prevent every software in Windows to pause sounds.

There are some middlewares that allow to prevent some software to control bluetooth but it can be annoying.

One solution for web browsers that I found and use is to go in the developper settings and disable the media controls. In chrome go to chrome://flags and set Hardware Media Key Handling to Disable. Restart chrome and when you pause a youtube video for instance, it won’t pause the sound on the sonos.