Will linking AppleTV to SONOS Playbar allow me to use AirPlay on my SONOS system

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I am planning to build a 5:1 cinema system using a Sonos playbar, subwoofer and 2xPlay:1. This will be linked to my LG TV using the fibre optic output from the TV. I also have a Play:5 and 2xPlay:1 elsewhere in my house. As I also use an AppleTV connected to TV via an HDMI cable, will this allow me to distribute AirPlay audio over my SONOS system via the AppleTV? Also will I be able to distribute AirPlay audio to the Play:5 and other SONOS speakers without the inherent AirPlay variable delays I experienced on my old AirPlay speakers? As the AirPlay enters the SONOS system only at the playbar, I assume no lags elsewhere.

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I just link my library to my Sonos app and play music in whatever zone I want too. You can't ( well I haven't found a way too ) play via AirPlay into the Sonos system etc, but anything I play via Apple TV I can zone anywhere. Hope that helps
I have Apple TV hooked up via my TV back to play bar so as long as the TV is on and Atv hdmi input selected AirPlay works fine.
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Thanks Kevin, it's what I expected. Do you distribute to other speakers as well? James, I know how to play music files from my library using SONOS. unfortunately the SONOS controller does not provideiTunes Geius functionality. Rather than create a Genius playlist and then synchronise the playlist with thevSONOS controller (this can take some time) it would be nice to use the playlist immediately.
Hi With an optimal switch there's no problem using AirPlay through Your playbar , then the TV doesn't have to be on. I have this setup and use the same ( Lindy) switch for the audio signal from my Blue Ray player AS my TV does not transfer 5.1 signals Alex
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Hi Steve,

as Kevin mentioned if you put a HDMI switch in-between you could stream to the Playbar independently from the TV.
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I think Alex meant to write "optical" switch..
Of course - sorry 🙂
What is the advantage of AirPlay over playing music via Sonos app?
What is the advantage of AirPlay over playing music via Sonos app?

Not necessarily an "advantage", more subjective preference. Airplay lets you play directly from an app, rather than using the Sonos app. There are pros and cons to this method:

Lets you use the same app interface you use for personal listening away from Sonos.
Lets you use app specific features that are not implemented in Sonos.
Let you listen to services not on Sonos - Netflix, YouTube, etc., with the inherent delay.

Requires the phone/tablet be on and sucking battery at all times.
If the phone/tablet leaves the area, the music stops.
Need to exit app and switch to another to change services.
Need to switch to Sonos app to group/ungroup, etc.
No mixing and matching of services in playlists/queues/searches.
No controlling via multiple devices at the same time.
Sucks up WiFi bandwidth (Router->phone/tablet->router->Airtplay device), unlike Sonosnet mode, which is isolated on another channel.
Airplay is inherently less reliable than Sonos and suffers from more dropouts.
Interesting. Thanks for the info. I'm realizing I just need to get a system set up and experiment with the choices.


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