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Hi. I wish to add a Play1 to my Play3. Any advice please on the best deals or vouchers out there ?
Many thanks

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The only time I've seen discounts on Sonos equipment is at the Winter Holiday season. Some stores (Best Buy in the US) also offer a small discount on open box (returned) items. The one thing I'd check is the return policy, in case there's an issue. Make sure you're getting a warranty (which probably wouldn't happen on eBay), just to protect yourself. Finally, most reputable dealers give you a "I don't like it, give me my money back" return policy, which can be really useful.
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Typically you won't see much in the way of discounts. But it's worth noting that if you buy directly from, you get a 45 day return period which is better than most retail.
Try, I bought Playbar at Christmas discount of $650 and got $14 in their points to use at next purchase.
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If you only have on Play3 you should get another Play3. Like with like so you can stereo pair them. Just my tought


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