What would be the best addition?

  • 5 January 2017
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I currently have 2 PLAY:3, working as a stereo pair, located in front of the sitting position

Was wondering what would be the best addition to them:
the SUB?
Or maybe a PLAY:1 (or 2 of them) for the rear, to achieve a surround sound?


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6 replies

Simply putting speakers in the rear will not achieve surround sound. Surround sound has discrete rears each playing their own channel, so you hear directional effects. Putting another set of stereo speakers behind you just repeats what is in front of you, actually muffling any stereo directional effects.

My vote is the Sub.
There is one case where I would recommend another speaker over a Sub and that is in a large room, where you may find that having music reach the other end of the room will have it playing too loud close to the speaker pair. That problem is better addressed by adding a speaker at the far end of the room.

But in the sitting position you refer to, adding a Sub is the only effective solution.

Note that surround sound does not work for over 99% of the music out there because it is recorded in only 2 channels, unlike movies that can have 5 or more channels including those dedicated to surround effects and another dedicated channel for effects like explosions.
I have 2 Play1s and I was looking to boost the bass up a bit. I considered a sub. But when taking into consideration of price and practicality of a sub I went for a Play5. It knocks out a good amount of bass and if I want I can move it to another room if I wish. Best of both worlds and I saved a few quid to add to my next up grade. I've not heard a sub, but the Play5 is awesome.
In up to a medium sized room, a 5 pair is as high end a stereo system as most people will ever need, without the Sub. Once you are able to get that in place, the 1 units can go to other room/s.
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So, Kumar, are you now ranking a Play:5 pair above a Play:1 pair with sub?
No, the recommendation was based on the purchases made by the preceding poster till now. There is probably little to choose between the two set ups; the 1 pair + Sub ought to do better for low volume listening, while the 5 pair has the advantage of needing one box less.