Wake up alarm for Sonos system.

  • 15 October 2013
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Hi, I have a play5 and just pre-ordered a play1, it's for my bedroom and I was wondering if it would be possible to put an option in the app for a wake up alarm. Like set it for e.g. 7am and then you can choose to play the Radio or a set playlist whilst getting ready for work. Maybe this is already possible? Thanks Sonos, keep up the great work!

4 replies

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It is already in controller
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As Chris mentions, there are already settings for alarms in the various controllers. The location of the option for alarms will vary depending on what kind of device/controller you're using. For example, on a tablet, there is usually a dedicated button (I think it has a bell icon on it). On an Android phone, you would press the phone's menu button, then an Alarms option will appear. In the desktop (computer) controller software, there is an Alarms button in the lower right corner. You can set an alarm to occur once, or repeat every week on the same day(s). You can set different music sources for each alarm entry, so every Monday you could play one station, while Tuesday plays something different (as long as you set those days up as different alarms). More info on alarms (specifically, setting them up in the desktop software) can be found here:
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Just set this up on my android phone, I use the built in android alarm to start the bedroom sonos 1 . Down load the tasker and macrosonos app then it's a breeze.
I use the alarm too, works like a charm, I would like to be able to set a fade in so the music starts with low volume and over a period of time, say 2 min gets to te volume you want to wake up with.