Video Audio Playback in App for Play 1

  • 20 December 2014
  • 1 reply

Would it be so hard to all for video playback within the Sonos controller app? I mean I love the play 1 speaker and I like to listen to music but I think a lot of functionality is lost with it just being for music. Or some way to integrate whatever is played on computer, tablet or phone to stream to the play 1. I mean I can't I am completely understand the technology but I think it should be priority. Maybe I don't understand how I could stream games online and watch Full HD movies online and streaming my audio from video seems to be a stumbling block.

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1 reply

Now a non-spammy response.

You're thinking of the controller app as a piece of software that plays something. It isn't. What it really is is a remote control, that tells the software on the speaker to play music, and where to get it from. So when you say "play this playlist from Spotify" it tells the software on the speaker the location "Spotify" and what to play from that location "this playlist", and the speaker goes out and gets it. Because of this, the controller device can then "leave" the LAN, and the music will still be playing, because the device that is accessing the music isn't the controller, but it is the speaker. And you've only got one hop on your LAN....from your router to the speaker.

So, in order to use the controller to play sound from an HD movie, they'd have to rewrite the way that the Sonos system works, and make everything happen on the controller. Which would make the system work much harder, and tax your wifi significantly more, as the data would have to go from your router to your controller device, then from your controller device to your router, and then from the router to the speakers.

At the end of the day, Sonos chose to design a speaker system that wasn't designed to be for computer or cell phone connection, but instead to connect to the cloud to play music.

Many people have noted that on any analog line in on the Sonos, there's a 70ms delay, due to the need for both encoding the signal to digital, and for buffering of the signal so that it can play in sync across all of the Sonos ecosystem. This makes Sonos a poor implementation for a computer speaker, due to that delay, but an outstanding home music system, due to the syncing across all the system's speakers.

If you're looking for something to act as speakers for your phone, or computer, you probably should look elsewhere. If you're looking for an outstanding music system, look carefully at Sonos.