Using Roam as a patio system

I'd love some Sonos planning advice. I have a Beam and two ikea speakers for the TV room and they work great. I would like to extend the sound into the outside this summer around the patio and pool area. In the past I had put a bunch of Alexa devices around and put them in a group - and put an alexa in the tv room with an input to the beam in the same group for music everywhere.

To move my Sonos outside for the summer I could get 4 Sonos outdoor speakers ($2K) and amp ($800) plus wiring (not good) and still missing voice commands. I am wondering if getting 4 Sonos Roams ($920), keeping them plugged in and mounted is a good option. Can I put them in a group together, and then use the Alexa function from anywhere to play Spotify/Tunein etc. Also like Airplay/Bluetooth option if I can then play the connection on all four Roam speakers?

I assume I could play outside as well as both inside/outside together. Would Alexa play nice with multiple Roam devices?

Any other ideas/advice? Goal is to walk outside in the morning, say "Alexa play Spotify outside" and have music, as well as volume control via voice commands.

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From all indications, the Roam is much more of a ‘personal’ speaker, and would not have the volume necessary to fill that ‘area’, unless it’s just one person sitting out there, or one near to each Roam. And I wouldn’t leave either the Roam or the Move outside on a permanent basis. They’re water resistant, but not weather proof. 

Your first idea makes more sense, although you would need another device to deal with the voice commands. You could use Alexa as an app on your phone, though, and just use that to control the system. 

I agree that ROAM and MOVE are not weatherproof. ROAM is simply too small for a pool area, although they might work OK close to a favorite chair. In terms of wire. both ROAM and MOVE will require power and this power would need to be weatherproof.

You can use AMP and weatherproof speakers. Alexa can be an inexpensive add-on that will probably not be weatherproof, but you could place it in a sheltered area. It’s not a big deal if the Alexa device would only survive a season or two.