Use Sonos System for an event

  • 1 December 2019
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Hey There!

I am wondering about the best solution to provide good quality music at the location where i will marry. I own a Sonos System, so there is of course the thought of using some of those Speakers, as i am very content with it’s quality. Here are my Speakers:

  • Playbar, 2 Sonos one in Stereo, Sonos Sub (Living Room TV-Setup)
  • Sonos One (Bathroom)
  • Play 5 (Bedroom)
  • Play 5, Sonos One (Office)

I was thinking about buying 2-3 Sonos Move, but after some research i am pretty sure you can’t use them together over bluetooth(?). I am pretty sure, that one Move won’t be enough for the location, so i thought about setting up a WiFi, to use my already existing Play 5 and some Ones.

Would it be possible to set them up at a different location using a phone hotspot and then controlling them with another phone which is also connected to the phone hotspot?

Did i miss something and there would be a solution which is a lot more practical for such a one time event? i am really open for new suggestions, so just feel free to speak your mind :)

If you need anything else to determin a good solution, let me know as well!

Thanks in advance!

9 replies

I personally wouldn’t take the risk of using a 'weak' mobile hotspot link for using your Sonos speakers at a wedding, especially with people milling about and likely interrupting the wireless signal. I think it might spoil your big day. 

One or perhaps two speakers might work, but I just don’t see a mobile signal being very reliable for a party style event. 

Does the venue not have its own WiFi, or wired speaker system? Or would you not be better off hiring a DJ and their own gear for the day?

In a crowded place, for an event as important, I would never use Sonos. The Wifi it works on will never be as reliable as a legacy type wired set up; even a large number of people in the space can cause signal degradation and music stoppage/stuttering.

Hire a legacy type wired system if you don’t have one or can’t borrow one.

This is the biggest day of your life. Sonos is a fantastic home audio system that is not designed for events. Just don't do this.

I’ll echo the other comments: This is not a good idea.

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Another voice against it: if there are problems during the event, do you want to have to start problem-solving rather than enjoying the occasion?

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Hey guys! 

Thanks for all the replies. Sorry for not answering earlier, but I thought I'd get an email notification if somebody replied to my question, but that was not the case :/

I can understand very well what you guys mean with not risking the biggest day in my life, but I think you got a wrong image of our wedding in your heads :D

The location is in a remotely located cottage in the Swiss Alps. There will be no WiFi for sure and there will also only be max 40 people. So not many at all. I was also thinking about only taking one play 5 with me and use the line in, but 2 or more speakers would have been nice. I won't use a DJ as it doesn't really fit the style of our unusual wedding and music is not an extremely important element.

Are there other good ideas of a "mobile" setup? Or any experience on how good a sonos move is for a mid-sized room? 

Thanks in advance! 

I was also thinking about only taking one play 5 with me and use the line in,

What would be the source for the line in?

MOVE would be your best bet, but a single MOVE in a room that supports 40 is not a great idea because it will be too loud for guests close to the device and not loud enough for guests on the other side of the room.

Make sure that PLAY:5 is set for autoplay before the event. Otherwise, you’ll need a network connection (WifFi or wired) in order to select Line-In.

Whatever system you plan to use, test in advance. Take the system to an area where you will not accidentally have a network connection.

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Congratulations, by the way!

Have a fabulous day.