unable to connect Sonos.

I can't add my players to my system anymore. I have added my wireless bridge successfully. But when I try to add my play 3 or amp unit they don't connect. They blink orange for maybe 17 times then stops. The controller is still trying to connect and eventually times out and says can't find sonos. THis happens on the play3 and the connect amp. This used to work fine. What is wrong with it?

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If your bridge is working properly the message you should get is that their are no player units found.

Try plugging your Play:3 directly into your router and see what happens as a test.
OK so I had the error wrong.  It says "Your Sonos Component was not found."  Even with the play3 plug directly into my router.
Ok After I let it finish starting up, the Play 3 that is, I was able to successfully connect it.  Does that mean I need to do the same thing on the Connect Amp?  Of Course I disconnected the play 3 and brought it back to my bedroom.  And now I can't play music on it.  Can connect to it.
Play 3 in master bedroom works again now.  It took a long time but now I can play music on it even though it first errored and said could play pandora on it.
Now just to get the connected Amp to work.
It all seems to work now that I wired the Connected Amp to the router.  There were some anomalies initially.  Like Master bedroom was playing when living room was selected.  But it all seems ok now.  Thank you for the suggestion. 


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