unable to connect my third speaker after changing my wifi

  • 8 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I recently upgraded my WiFi and wanted to move my three speakers over. Two are fine and the third will not work.

3 replies

Have you tried connecting the third speaker to your router with an ethernet cable?

For that matter, how are the two that are working connected? Are they connected with an ethernet cable, or do you have them connected to your wifi signal? Or do you have a BRIDGE or BOOST set up?
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Also what does "will not work" actually mean? Please be very specific.
When I plug the speaker in I cannot get a green light only the white steady light.

I do have the other two set up on my wifi. I recently purchased a Google I think it is a boost and was switching the three speakers to the new WiFi. Two speakers worked fine but the third one does not show up on my Rooms anymore.