Two product ideas that would REALLY change Sonos usage

  • 30 June 2015
  • 3 replies

Sonos has changed my life - - literally! ;-)     LOVE the product and how flexible the system is (with adding or grouping speakers as desired)!     BUT I really beleive you're missing the boat in two areas: 1) outdoor usage - - a splashproof, dust proof speaker that can sit outside and match the tunes inside. I hesitate to leave the Play:1 outside (even though it's the most portable) - - it just doesn't seem designed robustly enough for the outdoors...       And 2) a smaller, more portable speaker that you can carry around with you.    If I'm doing some work at my desk, or the garage, or closet, or laundry room that might not have a speaker, I would like to be able to move it around so I don't lose my music (even though I won't be there long enough to justify unplugging and haulling around the big speaker).     It could happily be battery powered or rechargable (like the JamBox).  So, more SONOS options please!!  

3 replies

This would be a good opportunity to address several often requested features in one new product:

The unit could be smaller and more portable with an Apple style non-removable battery and a strap so it can be worn on your arm or wrist to keep your hands free as you move from place to place.

It definitely should be waterproof so you can listen to it in the rain.

It should have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay but no Sonosnet and should only stream music from an iPhone or an app running on an iPhone. It does not need the ability to be grouped with any other players.

It should have the same display as an Apple Watch so it can be used as an alarm clock and the mute button should act as a snooze button when the alarm is activated.

It should have aggressive digital rights management built in so it can't play any music that hasn't been paid for as well as some that has.

It should only be able to play music if you are connected to the Internet, even if you are listening to locally stored tracks, and it should be able to add or remove music from your personal collection automatically.

Sonos should enforce a strict 2 year lifespan for this hardware by sending a mandatory firmware update that completely disables it when a newer model is released.
Some interesting suggestions in there and worthy of consideration.  But Sonos' nature is to be a home-based, networked, multiroom, multi-controller system.  There are plenty of single, portable Bluetooth etc speakers out there.  I rather think Sonos would be better off leaving those to others and concentrate on its core.  But no doubt Sonos is clear on its strategy and we'll just have to see what they come up with.
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Here is the main thread you can throw your support behind

Personally (no inside knowledge) I would not be surprised for us to see a battery operated Sonos come out in the near future.  It is a popular request and also makes a lot of sense in the lineup.  I have always said the Play:1 looks like it was designed for a clip-on battery on the bottom.  The only thing that does not make sense as far as making a Play:1 the portable unit is the fact the Play:1 doesn't have an audio input.  Having as a portable speaker I think the input is a necessity.

As far as outdoor speakers go if not using a portable - I still actually encourage people to go with the Connect:Amp solution.  A connect:Amp can be placed in any convenient dry location (such as a garage) where you can then easily run speaker wire out to your outdoor location and use the wide variety of wired outdoor speakers available.  That is the way I have it.


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