Turning off crossfade.

  • 21 May 2018
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Can someone please tell me how to turn off crossfade? I've looked everywhere in settings and can't find it. I even tried looking it up but I was able to open the links that were posted on another forum.

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5 replies

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Tap the three dots following the song title and you'll find the option on the pop-up menu there.
Thanks so much, Stanley_4! I was looking at the other settings options.
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(I'm just kidding) The controller app designers have had great fun hiding options in places nobody would think to look. I wouldn't be surprised to find they had a secret contest to see which hidden option causes us users the most frustration.

The wife refuses to touch the Android controller, it frustrates her so much, not kidding.
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its also at the top of the Queue listing menu
In the desktop app for Mac, you can find the icon for turning crossfade on and off at the top in the middle. It looks like a bow tie and sits between the indicator showing how much of the song has played and the icon for the equalizer (that looks like basket weave).