TuneIn and BBC Radio 4 - continual drop outs - now extremely unreliable, is there a solution ?

  • 22 June 2015
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I have read other posts about the problem being with the BBC  but the most recent posts I read indicated that "Maintenance by BBC on Jun 1st to 9th"   would resolve or at least improve the issue. 

It hasn't. 

This morning (Jun 22nd)  BBC Radio 4 via TuneIn dropped multiple times and became unusable - the worst it has been for a long while (and its been pretty unreliable in recent months).   

I should point out that other (non BBC) streams seemed ok and my music library continued to play normally, seemingly unaffected so I dont think its likely to be interference between my Sonos components.

Is there a solution?

2 replies

Yes I'm having exactly the same problem. Very patchy. Have just switched to Sonos from Squeezebox and thought these problems would be a thing of the past. Very disappointed and frustrated.
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Hi, We are aware of the issues with the BBC radio stations. We are checking with our partners to resolve it.
At this time the best would be to remove the BBC radio stations from your Sonos Favorites and re-search for them in TuneIn within Sonos app.

By doing this the Sonos will pickup the updated URL stream that TuneIn have in there data base.

Your thread will be merge to the BBC Radio stream thread.