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  • 27 August 2020
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I’ve been delving into options for adding a better speaker setup for my projector. 
I’m an Apple iOS guy. I’ve been drawn to Sonos for simplicity and lack of wires. 
HOWEVER much to my disappointment it’s not possible to setup a truly wireless surround system with Sonos. The big stickler is having to connect an Arc or some such via HDMI to the projector which - ideally - would be at opposite ends of the room. 
I struggle to understand how the system can handle wireless stereo and wireless rear speakers but cannot make the leap to setting target speakers for distinct channels. 
Shouldn’t it be possible in the app to have 5 Fives and set them as targets FL,FC, FR, RR, RL? The theory seems not too far off what they already do. Maybe a translator box is what’s needed… but still. Within the capabilities of Sonos. 
If anyone can do it elegantly with great sound quality I expect it to be Sonos. 
But is it likely or possible? Is the soundbar with fake surround the future? Even if it is, it doesn’t solve the wireless problem....

2 replies

Err...first you have to get the multichannel sound from source to the Sonos system.  The reliable tech for that at the moment is wired (HDMI). 

So I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one.

How you then distribute it and to what speakers is a different matter.  

The Sonos model is geared towards TVs (it is a mass market product) where it is easy to keep sources and display, video and audio, close together.  I cannot see that changing any time soon.

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The lack of HDMI-ARC on most projectors would also be a problem for a Sonos set up.