Trueplay with Play 5 Gen 2 and SUB

  • 12 June 2018
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Is there a known issue with this combination - Trueplay just makes the sound so thin - the mid range and bass become non-existent. The non Trueplay setting is a bit muddy but its SO much fuller and warmer. I can't believe that the Trueplay settings are correct - it pretty much takes the SUB out of the mix entirely. I've tried with a number of devices and maybe the answer will be don't use Trueplay but I just cannot believe that the results I am getting with these speakers are in any way what is intended. Thanks

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5 replies

Trueplay reduces bass bloat and if one is used to or prefers that, the leaner but more accurate bass can sound underwhelming till one gets used to it; at which time the bloat is perceived as unpleasant bloat if Trueplay is turned off. A via media using Trueplay tuning is to boost the Sub output levels a couple of points to the right of centre, allowing the leaner bass to be more present.

Mid range post Trueplay should become better with the elimination of bass bloat, it should certainly not disappear.
The problem is that you're used to hearing certain resonant frequencies in your room.

Digital room correction (i.e. Trueplay) often gives the impression of 'stealing the bass'. After suppressing the bass boom at certain frequencies what's left is a clean response. Your ears will take a while to get used to it before they can appreciate the frequencies revealed by removing the resonant peaks.

That said, I also find the mix a bit lean after Trueplay tuning and usually apply a bit of bass boost and treble cut in the EQ settings to compensate.
Ok. Have a color your sound cover on my sub and that sub is paired with my Play 5 Gen 2. When true play is switched on the cover doesn’t move whatsoever near the bass port. But when I switch it of the cover totally expands like a Ambubag if you know what I mean near the bass port. So it’s practically visible the amount of difference it makes with the bass coming out of the setup. It’s much deeper hard hitting bass.
Is this a macho thing or something? With a 30Hz test tone and Trueplay OFF the cones on my SUB are visibly shuffling back and forth. With Trueplay ON they barely move. Why? Because there's a huge 30Hz primary mode room resonance at the place I sit to listen, and Trueplay has done its job to suppress it.

At the end of the day, they're your ears. If you like bass bloat then go for it.
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Hi Justin. I also just got a Gen 2 Play 5 with a Sub. I have an open concept main floor so the Play 5 and Sub have a lot of space to cover. After I tuned with Trueplay, the sound was leaner but it eliminated a lot of "hotspots" in the room which was great! I'm not an audiophile, but I'm guessing that's what ratty is talking about with resonate frequencies and peaks. I bumped up the bass in the EQ settings and then also bumped up the SUB level a touch to fill the space.
What I found is that with Trueplay 'on' I get a much more consistent sound that feels "fuller". A bit of personal preference adjustments went a long way.
My 2 cents. I'm loving my setup!
Hopefully you find a setting that you love too.