Trueplay on individual players?

  • 10 November 2018
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A few months ago I purchased the Sonos Beam and 1x Sonos One. I was always planning on purchasing a second Sonos One in the future to use them both as surrounds. Since I purchesed the Beam and the first One I grouped them together using the app when I watched TV, they sounded amazing together. I found that the One had more bass when Trueplay was switched off and the Beam projected all the vocals around the room with Trueplay switched on. Basically, the Beam took care of all the vocals and the One which was placed behind the viewing area took care of the lower end and it worked perfectly. Today, I purchesed the second One and linked it all up as one system, it sounds amazing. However, Trueplay is either on or off, there is no in between. With it on the vocals sound great but there’s a serious lack of bass and with it off the bass sounds great but I struggle to hear some of the vocals. Is there a way around this? I could unlink the pair of One’s from the Beam to use them as a stereo pair with Trueplay switched off and manually group everything together using the app, the annoying thing is that I would need to use the apps volume control rather than my TV’s remote because they’re two separate systems as such and the remote would only control the Beam. The only other option I can think of is purchasing a Sub... And, well, they're not the cheapest of things lol. Any suggestions?

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2 replies

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Hi, jbaker. You may find that retuning all of these devices now that you have added the new One will be the way to go, if you have not done so already. There is no way to alter the level of tuning, or anything to that effect. As you say, it is either on or off. You could try changing the speech enhancement settings, to see if this helps. Perhaps another user will have a recommendation.
Edward R, thanks for your reply, I’ve retuned everything since buying the second One and still have the same issue. Speech enhancement has been on since the day I bought the Beam because it does a great job at filling the room. If there is no way around it then that’s fine, it still sounds great. I just wanted that extra punch without spending £699!!