Toy Ball stuck in sub

  • 21 July 2022
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My son stuck a ping pong ball in the sub. I tired everything to get this out and can not. It rattles around and sounds awful when music or music is on at medium volume. I called Sonos’s and they told me it would cost $600 if they remove it. Does anyone know how to take the sub apart ?

3 replies

I personally wouldn’t attempt it, but it seems some have given it a go:

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I can’t help you get it out but for next time you can make a slip-on cover for your sub out of speaker cloth or for more money buy a pre-made cover.

Good luck.

I watched the video. It is possible that you could encourage the tape to release by heating it with a hair drier. Also, don’t try to hurry the tape release.

While I’m not very confident of success, a technique that I’d try is rolling the speaker on edge the problem is guessing how to encourage the ball to enter the port tube.

Other low probability techniques:

Vacuum cleaner hose. If you are lucky, you can capture the ball with suction and pull it out with the hose.

Inspection camera on a stalk. Used by plumbers and other contractors you could thread this through the port and might be able to see something useful.

Here are a couple images to help you visualize what you are fighting:,f_auto,q_auto,fl_lossy/fc/3001793-poster-942-wanted-sub-division.jpg