SuperHub3 Sonos net dropping

  • 4 February 2018
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eceived an upgrade recently. From super hub 2 to a new super hub 3.
I have a Sonos Bridge plugged into the super hub 3 via Ethernet.
Ever since getting the super hub 3, my sonos network drops out after a certain time of not being used.
The Virgin WiFi continues to work fine. But the sonos network seems to just disappear.
If I unplug the Bridge Ethernet cable and plug it back in the sonos network returns immediately.
It then stays active and works fine until I stop using sonos for 2-3 hours at which point the problem recurs.
Any help appreciated.

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5 replies

Amitava Kundu,

Using scanner software, like InSSIDer, scan your WiFi waves around your property to find out what channels are being using on local WiFi networks. Say your next door neighbours were using channels 4 and 6 for their signals, as an example, you then need to make sure your routers 2.4ghz WiFi signal is on a different channel. So set yours to something like channel 1.

Then in the Sonos app settings/Advanced Settings, set your SonosNet channel to something completely separate, so once again as an example, set it to channel 11.. (Note this SonosNet channel should always be a different channel to your router).

Obviously the channel numbers may vary for you, but the object here is to keep everything on separate and different channels to help reduce interference. Once you have achieved that, there is just one additional step i would also do...

Return to the 'Advanced Settings' in the Sonos App and go to 'Wireless Setup' and remove/reset your own routers WiFi settings in there, that’s if the credentials have been stored in there on some previous occasion. These are not needed once everything is running on SonosNet.

If problems persist, then it’s possibly other things around the home that are interfering with your WiFi signal, such as having your Bridge too close to your router (Superhub v3), so I would try to move it further away, at least 4 to 6 feet away from the router. The further, the better.

Other items like DECT wireless house phones, or wireless printers, can also be a problem if they are located right next to your Sonos devices .. so try to move those further away too.

Then the only other issue is likely to be thick walls, doors or beams around your premises getting in the way. If that turns out to be the case, then as a last resort you may want to run an Ethernet cable to any Sonos device that keeps dropping its connection.

I once had a very similar issue and I found replacing my Sonos Bridge with the newer Sonos Boost, also improved things in the upper storey of my house... so that’s also worth considering if you are unable to cable your router to one of your Sonos speakers.

Hope the above info helps to resolve your current connection problems.
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Lots of people have had trouble with Sonos and the Superhub3, first thing I'd do is go and sign up to the Virgin Media forum and have a read up on there.

I believe their 2gz and 5ghz SSID is identical, some have had success by renaming them to separate the 2ghz and 5ghz channels.

To be honest I've not heard many good things about the Superhub3 I was advised to hang on to my Superhub2 as long as I can.
I live in a VM area and whilst I use FTTC I know a few people who have no end of problems with the Superhub3. In particular the Ethernet ports which stop working!

So as Keithmac says...have an ask / look on the Virgin Media forum.
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The super hub 3 seems to have more problems and less reach than the 2. I’m not sure it can honestly be called an upgrade.
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The super hub 3 seems to have more problems and less reach than the 2. I’m not sure it can honestly be called an upgrade.
Hi Benja1945, we'd be happy to help. Can you submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number? We'd like to have a deeper look into your system. Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic. Thanks.