Stolen Sonos Play:1 - how can I tell if the serial number has been used on my account?

  • 8 January 2020
  • 1 reply

I sold a Sonos Play:1 on ebay however the buyer said it was dented and doesnt work and returned a broken one. Now their is no way this is the same unit but I sent him. I need to prove to ebay the serial number of the returned one isnt the same as what I sent.

Now I didnt record the serial number of the unit I sent, is their a way I can find this? Via my sonos app or account or their support or other?

Any other suggestions of what I can do?



1 reply, log into your account, go to the System tab.

Assuming they haven’t added your speaker to their system yet, it should show up there. Not sure what to suggest if they have already added it, maybe contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it?