Stereo speakers in my living room - but what about my TV?

  • 17 September 2017
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After getting some suggestions here already, I'm considering a pair of 1s or 3s (rather than a single 5) for our 25 m2 / 270 f2 living room. I might add a sub at some point, but I thought I'd try without first. It seems clear that going for two speakers is better than going for a single speaker.

But now what do I do with my TV? It's currently connected to an old stereo system that I was hoping to get rid of when we upgrade our audio system now. Play:1 and Play:3 don't have line in, so I can't use these with the TV. Only Play:5 and CONNECT have line in, and I'm not planning to get any of these for the living room. So do I have to buy a pair of 5s for the living room if I want two speakers? I'm assuming it's not a great option to couple a 5 with a 3 or a 1 for stereo sound.

Edit: a Playbar would obviously be a solution, but I wasn't planning to get one of those either... Though a playbar and two 1s would probably be cheaper than two 5s, which seems to be the alternative.

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1 reply

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Hi Kefir

Welcome to the Sonos community.

Each Sonos speaker is made for a different function and to work together. For TV you want either the PlayBar or PlayBase as that is what they are made for. You can do the Play5 option but you will have a lip sync issue that may or may not be a problem for you.