Starting to get sick of Sonos.

  • 23 June 2018
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Will start on a positive for Sonos.....When it works I love it!! Sadly, I keep having problems and I'm getting bored with it! There are people on this Forum that love the issues and how they got round this problem and that problem, I'm not one of them. I'm not a Techy geek, this stuff bores the shit out of me. Have had email tennis with Support, Facebook messenger tennis with Support and I've spoken to Support! All been very helpful and have got to the bottom of the problem eventually and fixed it.......Then a month later, more problems!! More email tennis, Support questioning why I've set Sonos the way I have, Err because that's how Support told me to set it up a month ago!! When it works I love it, but when I get more and more problems I feel robbed. This system is soooo eratic and sooo frustrating. I'm looking at the Beam, but can't bring myself to buy more disappointment!!

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9 replies

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Has worked well for me, no real issues. Replaced the hard drive connected to my router with a solid state drive got rid of my only issue that being the drive being difficult to wake up. Love the Playbase and surrounds. Listened to much more music when I started getting Sonos speakers and now watch more telly now I have upgraded the telly and have the Playbase.

A lot of the advice suggested here I was already doing anyway.
I agree, there's lot's of advice on this forum, but I don't have the time, the energy or the interest to trawl through it. Some people dig it, but I'm not one of them, I wan't to buy the thing, plug it in and it to work consistently.... Pretty sure that's what I paid for!
I too listen to a lot more music now and as i said, when it works I love it.
I’d encourage you to read the other thread that you’ve posted in, there’s some words of wisdom there.
I agree with the opening comment, every time I try and use this I have problems. Keep it simple stupid, we are not all tech heads who want to spend time sorting out problems. Latest example, it won't link to my i tunes file despite the fact it has been in the same spot for 3 years. One problem after another.

And when I point it to the location it does not work. Crap system, started out well but got too smart for their own good.
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There will be a reason. Often it is not Sonos fault, but a network issue unique to the user. My Sonos has been stable for a long time now and when I had issues, it was my network at fault, not Sonos.
I'm sick of Sonos. There are many things on my phone and ipad I want to listen to on a speaker system but cannot without spending big dollars expanding my Sonos components. A simple bluetooth system will work much better. Look for my speakers on Craigslist.
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99% of issues on this forum are network and not hardware related. I think Sonos make their as plug and play as possible but obviously can not account for everyone's home network setup. My personal opinion is that Sonos helpdesk are great and will try to get your problems solved. I had similar problems when I moved into my new house. It turned out that the router provided by my ISP caused all the issues. Once I replaced it all my Sonos issues and any other issues I experience with other devices were gone.
There will be a reason. Often it is not Sonos fault, but a network issue unique to the user. My Sonos has been stable for a long time now and when I had issues, it was my network at fault, not Sonos. Yes same here for me. I would recommend these 4 things...

1. Run the Sonos system on the 'exclusive' SonosNet signal, with one Speaker (or Boost) cabled back to the router.
2. Set the SonosNet channel at least 5 channels away from the router channel, on the least-used non-overlapping signal.
3. Remove the wifi credentials in the Sonos App 'Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup'. They're not needed with SonosNet.
4. Add all Sonos IP addresses to the routers DHCP Reservation Table.

It really is not as difficult as it may sound to do these 4 things and I have had a very stable Sonos system for many years with this type of setup.

If you don't/can't/won't do the 4 steps mentioned, then i would get a friend with a bit of 'know-how' to do it for you.

I also don't recommend using WiFi repeaters, extenders etc. around the home as they can get in the way of things and if wireless access points are used, then make sure they are on the same SSID and WiFi channel as the main router, but note some brands of access points may still cause a few issues. It's often better to cable a speaker instead, rather than use a wireless access point.

The above is just my own personal opinion, but has worked well for me, my family and a few friends too.
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I do the same as Ken, plus I wire all my Sonos devices that are easy to get an Ethernet cable to, makes the system even more stable.