Spotify drops out on One

This started lately.

The music drops out. It’ll be gone for 5-10 seconds. When it comes back the song is 5-10 seconds further along, so the song isn’t stopping or anything.


It’s only happening on my One, not my Play:1. In fact if I have them both playing at the same time the song will continue playing on the Play:1


It only happens with Spotify. Tried with Youtube music etc.

I’ve also asked Google Assistant questions when the drop happens to try to see if it was a connection issue and it had no problem connecting.



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Presumably both are running on your routers WiFi - try setting a different WiFi channel, use either channel 1, 6 or 11 to see which works best and it may help to set it’s channel width to 20MHz too.

When grouping the two speakers together try grouping them starting with the newer Sonos One as the ‘group co-ordinator’ as that has newer/faster hardware and a better WiFi adapter/antenna.

Hope those few things resolve your dropout issues.

Why was this automatically marked as answered? It’s not solved!

I’ve tried the various different WiFi channels. It occurs when the the newer Sonos One is the only one plugged in.

It’s a new issue the last month, no changes to my set up (wifi, devices, etc.) for years.


Also can anyone explain why it would only be happening with Spotify if it was a WiFi issue? Noting again that I’ve gone through all the recommended WiFi troubleshooting steps anyway

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Hi @waterbarry, we’ve noticed an increase lately in playback issues with Spotify - no news to share on this right now, however our engineers are aware and are investigating.

In the mean time, rebooting all speakers may help, however if you still experience issues, then we would recommend using Spotify Connect to play directly from the Spotify app.

Hope this helps :)