Splitting the Play:1’s from the 5.1

  • 7 October 2017
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I have a PlayBar, PlaySub and 2 Play:1’s. The ease of use and ease of setup is amazing. But I bought into this system with intentions on also using the Play:1’s on the back porch as a stereo pair. This COULD be simple but so far I’ve had to:

1. Remove Surround (Play:1’s)
2. Go through the software to then create new room
3. Re initialize the speakers
4. Setup new room
4. Create stereo pair
5. Remove sub (if I’m in the mood) then add to stereo pair
6. Blah blah I’m prob forgetting lots of pain in the rest steps. It ain’t simple!

Then once I’ve got it set up in on the porch I’d have to go through all sorts of t stuff to set it up all over again and then do the silly walk around the room waving phone and freak my daughter out. For God sakes why can’t I pull the 2 Play 1’s to the porch and listen stereo and then reattach to 5.1. This is stupid and it pisses me off. Am I missing something or is this exactly what Sonos wants: for me to be frustrated and buy an extra pair of Play:1’s for the porch to avoid this huge hassle? All I want to do is utilize the supposed versatility of Sonos. So far it’s a horribly designed system that makes you want more speakers by design.

5.1 to stereo pair back to 5.1. (I don’t want to tune the thing each time or go through any nonsense each time.

please help! And thank you!

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1 reply

You are not mistaken, you are doing the correct method.

However, you don’t have to remove them each time to get them to be stereo pairs for music. You can just go into surround settings, and define them as “full” for music. The PLAYBAR will still play, but the surround speakers will give you a stero image.