Speakers stop playing

  • 28 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Can someone help a technophobe please! My speakers keep cutting out. Unless I turn the hub off and start again there is no chance of them restarting. I spoke to Virgin Media who told me that Sonos speakers aren't compatible with their service!

Also, is the Sonos helpline not there anymore. No reply to messages and phone line is always closed?


2 replies


Could be the Wi-Fi signal? Sometimes my speakers would cut-out or buffer in the middle of songs. The issue was totally resolved when one of the speakers connects to the network through ethernet. I don’t understand all the techno mumbo jumbo of what’s happening behind-the-scenes, but I believe if one of the speakers is hardwired to the network...the system can create it’s own private network with improved speed/performance.

There’s also wi-fi signal booster options if hardwiring isn’t an option.

In general, Sonos doesn’t work well with varieties of mesh networks, or poorly configured boosters/access points/Wi-Fi extenders. If you’re not familiar with how your network is set up, Sonos may certainly have difficulties, since the Sonos system depends much more on inter communication within your network than a standard network device.

In your case, I’d certainly recommend a wired set up. Plug either one of your speakers, or a BOOST into the Virgin Media hub, and let Sonos handle the connections. 

There might be information in the standard and boost modes FAQ that may help in further understanding.