Speaker doesn't work plus phantom speaker has appeared

  • 25 January 2017
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Hi - have a problem with only one speaker working - both are set up and display, however only one plays music, yesterday the issue was that although both speakers were set to work on one setting -which it is - ( Itunes) - one was working independently - also a phantom 3rd speaker has appeared - it's not set up of course but i'd like it removed - might be affecting this too. Have unistalled, reinstalled and made sure that the sonos is running through the wireless properly too help with this issue would be great can send diagnostics

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8 replies

I'd go ahead and submit those diagnostics, especially as soon as you see that phantom speaker showing up. And to the Sonos rep who responds, would you mind keeping all of us in the loop?
Strange - a phantom speaker appears where two speakers are working to deliver a properly mixed stereo album. Turn the power off from one so that only one is able to play and I would be very surprised to be told that the phantom is still audible.
The phantom speaker is no longer audible - but it has just stopped working now instead
So powered it up with one speaker on - the display shows two speakers.
Then powered up the other speaker and the phantom third speaker shows up
With only one speaker powered on, where in the display do you see two speakers? if you do, exit the controller and launch it again, you should see only one then. But regardless of what the display shows, I presume the phantom has disappeared, and rightly so.

With both speakers powered on and playing as a stereo pair, you should hear sounds from the middle of the two - that is known as the phantom speaker effect, and is because of the way human brains work. Is that a problem for you?
lol Sorry you're not understanding this one - and this has nothing to do with my brain !

ON MY SONOS DISPLAY - And as a regular normal set up which i've used since i got the system
is the set up of office 1 and 2 - two speakers as a stereo pair. which is what i get when i switch just 1 speaker on now

When i switch the other speaker on - i get 'play 3' on the display which hasn't disappeared and is also not set up - and which i assume the other speaker wants to run - which is possibly why it was running separately the other day.

And out of this - only one speaker works and thats the one displaying office 1 and 2.

So i'm assuming the only way to resolve this is to remove 'play 3' which is something i'm unable to do.
Lol; I am completely unable to understand you and will leave this thread to someone else who can!
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Hi, marcusHDB. Welcome to the community. In all my time at Sonos, I haven't yet encountered this issue. That being said, I am certain that there is a perfectly logical explanation. Please go to About My Sonos system, take a screenshot and post that here. Also, please provide a screenshot of the rooms menu in the controller displaying this phantom speaker. Lastly, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. We are flying blind without one. Thanks.