Sound drops out using a Connect and Play:1s

  • 5 May 2017
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Firstly, I have a TV and record deck play through my Play:1s via Connect box (I use RCA phono to audio input cables with splitters due to the lack of sockets). Having listened to a record, my TV is now having frequent, momentary loss of sound, accompanied by the occasional popping noise.

I've tried SonosNet and my own WiFi but neither make a difference. And having tried over time to get both of my speakers to play at the same time I've tried a lot of the usual tricks. My diagnostics report is 7367751 if anyone out there can help me get to the cause of the problem... a small problem but annoying after a while! Thanks.

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1 reply

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Hi MarkSk, to be honest this sounds more like a problem with the RCA splitter than the CONNECT. What happens if you connect the TV to the CONNECT directly with just a standard cable?