Sonus Subwoofer Bass has significantly diminished

  • 20 May 2019
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Recently I have been listening to, and watching the same music/video sources (Amazon music, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu).

The bass from the sub used to be very impressive - punches, deep lows, strong vibrations.

Now, it's suddenly very underwhelming. I've checked all updates (current), settings (all bass, treble, sub, volume sliders are all the way up).

I called support, sent them multiple diagnostics and went through their entire protocol which included re-pairing the sub, playbar, and both Play 5s.

The speakers still 'work.' I can hear that the sub is producing sound, but it just seems to have diminished a lot.

Anyone else have this problem and/or solution?

Any help is appreciated.

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1 reply

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Hi mribas1981

As I saw no Diagnostic ID's posted I assume Sonos took the readings manually. Since you say you have communicated extensively with Sonos I can only offer one suggestion to test your theory that the sub isn't working properly....

Sonos and most retailers have a liberal return policy so I suggest purchasing a new sub to see if the sound improves. If so then you have a base-line argument to present to Sonos that may net you a replacement sub at a discount. FYI, Sonos is conducting a refurbished sale now:

The above assumes you have not made any drastic changes to your living quarters such as adding thick carpet or an abundance of other sound adsorbing amenities. Also, have you ran TruePlay assuming you have an iOS device. If not you should borrow one.

If your system is in wireless mode (Wi-Fi) you might try wiring a speaker to put your system in Wired mode (Boost) to see if an improvement is realized. Click the link on how to move from wireless to wired mode.

Let us know how things sort out.