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I'll give you my user case, I'm currently running a connect for my vintage HiFi setup and wired headphones just don't work for me because the system is too far from any sitting area. I have play 1s in two different rooms but again I'm limited to when I can play them. Sonos headphones in this case would be great solution. Bluetooth is not an option for me because they are laggy and not ideal for an audiophile such as myself.

I'm not going to claim to be an audiophile, but you're saying that the audio quality of your phone + headphones (Bluetooth or wired) is not good enough? It's hard to imagine that there is a significant market out there that also feels it's not good enough. It's also a little hard to believe that people want headphones that can't connect to your phone through Bluetooth or wired, and can't be used outside of the wifi range of your home.

If you're talking about normal Bluetooth/wired headphones that are of good quality with just the Sonos logo on it, then I do think it would be smart for Sonos to do this. They have built up a good brand name, and it would makes sense to leverage the brand name to make some easy profit. Even if it's not their brand name, it would make sense to partner up with a quality speaker maker and sell it on their site for those that trust Sonos. They already do this with mounting accessories, turntables, and soon to be Sonace architectural speakers.