Sonos Subwoofer has a solid white light

I purchased a sonos playbar and subwoofer 2 months ago and have be very pleased with the quality. Last week I purchased another subwoofer and it worked great for 2 days. It now has a solid white light and will not work. I've unplugged the sub and tried to reconnect and it does nothing. Can anyone help?

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Hi there, Robert0224. By default, all Sonos products are programmed to display a solid white light when they are powered up and functioning properly. When you remove the Sub from power and plug it back in does it go green first and then go back to solid white?
Just add the sub again like you do for a new speaker (touch "continue" when the app asks you if you see green light), the app should see the speaker again. It happened to me (both ones and sub) before.

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