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  • 5 November 2019
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My toddler put a toy down the sub, when trying to remove it I’ve accidentally pushed it further in. Unfortunately it’s too big to drop down on its own. Does anyone know of an authorized repair center in Melbourne or how to take the sub apart?

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4 replies

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I suggest you contact Customer Support on this one.

It might be possible to self repair this if you are lucky and clever enough. Is the foreign item hard or soft? Remove power from the unit and Roll SUB on an edge, such that the item will naturally fall toward one of the open ports. Carefully insert a phone and attempt to take a picture of the item. If you can capture the item in a photo, this may suggest an approach. If you have a slightly older child who’s hands are still small (and who has enough coordination) this tiny person may be able to reach in and retrieve the item -- at the risk of getting stuck -- use this method with care and supervision.

I don’t know anything about your dexterity or imagination, but with a “soft touch” a wire hook, sticky tape, tongs, tweezers, a magnet, or a vacuum cleaner could be useful tools. Of course, you always run the risk of the tool becoming trapped in the mess.

If the object is small, soft, and not touching the moving part, you might be able to ignore the object. If the object is hard, it will probably make noise. If the object is metal and can conduct electricity, don’t power SUB until the object is removed.



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Any of your friends have a cable-camera that you can borrow to look down the tube?


Or a flexible grabber?


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And after the toy has been removed a Soundskin could offer some protection: