Sonos smoke alarms

  • 15 October 2019
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Hi Support,

This seems like a no brainer, but how about putting yor speaker system in smoke alarms that are wired into ceilings?

It would be a great way of putting music in many rooms without taking up any additional space.  Talk about whole house audio…



5 replies

Then what would we use for a smoke alarm?  

I expect Sonos to be both a smoke alarm and speeker.  Two products in one.

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Then what would we use for a smoke alarm?  

How about putting smoke alarms in light sockets?

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There are a couple reasons why this would be problematic.

1 - I don’t know the industry that well, but there are surely certifications and liablites to be concerned about with smoke detectors.  Theres also different laws and wiring to deal with in different countries.  That could be mitigated by partnering with a detector company.

2- Smoke detectors have much lower power requirements than Sonos speakers.  You wouldn’t be able to use the existing power lines in place with smoke detectors, and certainly not batteries.

3 - The physical size of the device would need to be much larger than currently in order to produce quality audio.   You probably would want to have the device cut into the ceiling as typical ceiling speakers.

4 -  Smoke detectors are typically located in the corner of a room out of the way.  That’s not  the best location for a speaker.

And yes, first alert has already made an Alexa speaker/smoke detector.  I haven’t listen to it personally, but I’m betting the sound quality isn’t that great given all the above.


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Hey knipfty

This device OneLink has a lot of what you are asking for. Alexa enabled and Streams music from Spotify and others. It also works with AirPlay 2 and claims to be able to interact with other Airplay 2 capable devcies.  Why not buy one and report back as to your findings.