Sonos Roam wont switch off

  • 13 December 2021
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Hi I have read topics on this already but I just wanted to check something.


whenever I open my Sonos app (which is quite often) my Sonos roam powers on.


I have read about switching it off by holding the button for 5 seconds but it when I do that the blue light comes on to pair it over blue tooth!


How do I just stop it coming on all the time?!!!



Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 13 December 2021, 18:04

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1 reply

Just press the rear power button for longer, 5+ seconds, until you hear the descending power-off tones. Note: you can now also stop the Roam waking up when opening the Sonos App (after 15 minutes of sleep mode), it can be set to power-off automatically if you enable it’s battery-saving feature in ‘Settings/System/[Roam Room Name]’ within the Sonos App.