Sonos Roam Very Quiet

Is anyone elses Sonos Roam very very quiet at low volume levels? I mean anything less than about 30-40% is barely audible. Surely thats not correct?

I got better overall volume control out of an old Anker portable bluetooth speaker!

It’s the same no matter the source (e.g. if I stream music from the app or Radio X via bluetooth).

In addition there appears no way to use the EQ unless connected to WiFi in the app? 

Unless there is a solution to either of these issues, I think I shall be returning. Disappointing for the price.

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For Bluetooth you use the EQ in the device transmitting normally.  I find the volume to be fine, especially considering the size. I agree the first 20% of volume is barely audible though.

Well I suppose it is all rather subjective (quiet/loud etc), room size and how near you are to them etc but I have not noticed a problem with volume level.  I use them in a small room and am sitting only a few feet away and agree at 30% it is quiet.  But maybe ok for some background music.  50% is a comfortable listening level.  75% is loud.

Surely as long as you can get them to an acceptable volume without distortion then does it matter whether you have them at 50, 60 or 70%?  Obviously if you struggle to get to an acceptable level in a confined space then you will be disappointed in a larger room or outdoors.  

I doubt it makes a difference but is it related to TruePlay?  The Roams can automatically adjust themselves anyway.